The one that started it all…


Yesterday, while getting coffee with a coworker, I stepped into the elevator lobby and noticed a little piece of paper on the ground. It was yellowed from age and discolored around the edges from being touched many times. As I picked it up, it occurred to me this was someone’s prized fortune. Wanting to preserve this person’s muse, I immediately placed it safely in my wallet…next to MY coveted cookie fortune. Much to my surprise, upon seeing this my coworker confessed to also keeping a special fortune in their wallet.

It never occurred to me before how commonplace this practice may be. So I reached out to friends and family hoping to get a grasp on how many of them are also carrying around their very own pocket prophecy. Turns out the majority of people I spoke with have saved a fortune, or many, in their lifetimes.

In speaking with those who chose to share their fortunes, I became aware that these little pieces of paper we get from our after-dinner cookies, sometimes leave an everlasting affect on those who find them. And so I decided to start documenting these cookie muses and the stories behind them.

Today, I start with the one that inspired my curiosity and this whole adventure…the lost treasure found in the elevator lobby. It made me laugh when I read it, and I wonder if that is why the person kept it in the first place. Or, was it kept as a means of inspiration to keep striving for success? Or, was it seen as a token of comfort; a justification for all that is done to maintain status or lifestyle? Whatever the reason, this fortune meant enough to be carried around for such a significant time as to become discolored and preserved. It’s fun to think a randomly created and sorted piece of paper could hold such meaning someone would choose to carry it with them. Perhaps the random selection of the cookie, containing an inspiring message that speaks truth when it is most needed, binds us to this token of hope.

Through this blog I will post people’s shared fortunes and the anonymous stories that bring them meaning. Tomorrow, I will share my own coveted fortune. I hope you will join me in exploring this fun and inspirational phenomenon. Should you wish to share your own pocket prophecy, please email me a photo of your prized fortune and a snippet of why you’ve held on to it. I would love to hear your story and feature it here. Thank you for reading and “see” you tomorrow.

PS – Should this fortune’s rightful owner ever read my blog someday, I would love to hear their story… and return their fortune to them.


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