All you need is love…


This message is so beautiful it almost seems obvious someone would choose to keep it. According to this fortune’s owner, in his lifetime he has been loved and he has loved, but he has never felt both at the same time. He has carried this fortune with him for many years as a reminder of what he seeks to find. Unfortunately this paper muse was lost in his last move, but the hope carries on he will someday experience the warmth a loving, lasting romantic relationship brings.

To seek and give love is a desire we all share, because despite our differences, this innate drive is what unifies us all. To love someone is to see their true being, their inner beauty, and to be loved is to be unconditionally accepted. It is a bond and understanding unlike any other. I hope this pocket prophecy comes true for everyone. May we all smile in the blanketed warmth of a reciprocated and unconditional love.

Thank you for sharing your coveted fortune with us. And thank you, to those reading along, for following this journey. If you would like to share your pocket prophecy, email me a picture and snippet of why you kept it. I would love to hear your story and feature it here. Until next time, have a great day!


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