My piece of inspiration…


I grew up in the Bay Area, just outside San Francisco, where the fortune cookie was created. Wandering through Chinatown with my little sister, we would use our noses to smell out the location of the fortune cookie factory. Stepping into the small, sweet smelling front entrance, and watching the workers quickly and meticulously create the cookies was such a fun, surreal experience. And in my lifetime I have eaten many fortune cookies and read many a fortune, but it wasn’t until about seven years ago that one spoke to me in a way that I felt compelled to keep it.

I have always been a dreamer. It is what gets me motivated about the everyday; living in the excitement of my dreams. The difficulty is that despite having an endless supply of goals and ideas, I have never been certain about my path. Being surrounded by people who know exactly “what they want to be when they grow up” has been a source of angst for me because it is that lack of clarity within myself that seems unconventional, frustrating, and lonely.

And so seven years ago when I cracked open my after-dinner treat to discover this fortune, it spoke to me in a way that gave me hope. I may not have a clear direction for my life, but I have always felt that I was meant for something great. I interpreted this message to mean that one day, one of the many ideas I think of will strike a success in a way that illuminates my true path. This little piece of paper suddenly became the physical representation of the prophecy I hoped would come true. And so I have continued to carry it in my wallet ever since. And sometimes when I need a reminder to keep dreaming and create what I dream, I glance at my pocket prophecy and smile.

So that’s my coveted cookie fortune, what’s yours? If you would like to share your anonymous story, email me a picture and snippet of why you have kept your fortune. I would love to share your story here. Until tomorrow, goodnight.


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