Find your groove…

Breakups can be hard and starting over can be even harder. When the owner of this pocket prophecy unexpectedly found herself in the midst of her own breakup she felt as if she had lost her direction. As if she had been cocooned in a long hibernation, the vision of her life and future seemed hazy and distant. Without knowing where to start in forging a new path forward, this fortune cookie message was a welcome reminder to be patient and loving with herself because positive change takes time. And with that motivation, she started taking her first steps toward what is now a very happy and fulfilling life. This fortune currently hangs on her refrigerator as a daily reminder of how far she has come and what she has been able to achieve.

Love, while being one of the greatest parts of our humanity, can also be one of the most painful. When love is lost, there is a moment of feeling as if we are in a free-fall; no longer supported by what was previously our reality and overwhelmed by the endless possibilities that lay ahead. This feeling of angst and heartache, this loss of direction, is what has inspired countless pieces of art, from music to literature. This form of expression can represent a shedding of pain. But in that expression, joy is created and shared with those that experience its final product. Beautiful things often come from the darkest places. But the act of moving forward through one’s chosen outlet helps re-ground us and molt the pain. Once the darkness lifts, we are once again able to grasp the happiness we have built.

Thank you for the reminder of the power of expression and the joy it brings! And thank you for those following along. Do you have a pocket prophecy that has helped you through hard times? I would love to hear your story and feature it here. Email me a picture and let me know why you have kept it. Until next time, be well.


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  1. 🙌 it’s hard to have things in life to hurt us and we try everything possible not to get hurt, but when it does happen, thankfully it’s not the end of the world. What a great reminder to keep going!

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