Can I get that in writing?..

Have you ever held onto an item without completely understanding why? Personally speaking, my closet is full of examples: an outfit kept as a reminder of healthier times, a trinket kept for a potential art project, or even a bag full of "I might need these someday" items that without each-other have no other place... Continue Reading →

At a crossroads…

  The owner of this fortune was just closing the sale of her house, when she found herself at an emotional crossroads. Taking herself to dinner while contemplating her next move, this fortune¬†found it's way into her hands. At a time when she needed it the most, it seemed like a message from the universe;... Continue Reading →

All you need is love…

  This message is so beautiful it almost seems obvious someone would choose to keep it. According to this fortune's owner, in his lifetime he has been loved and he has loved, but he has never felt both at the same time. He has carried this fortune with him for many years as a reminder... Continue Reading →

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