Prescription: Laughter

It is said that "distance makes the heart grow fonder." Of course, that is not achieved without some dedication and hard work. Because when we find love, we desire to spend as much time with that person as possible. Sometimes though, circumstances of life place great distances between lovers. And so the new challenge of... Continue Reading →

Time, it’s on our side…

The owner of this fortune saved it as encouragement of her ability to support her daughter through some painful life lessons. She shared that mothering is the hardest job she has ever encountered. And the most difficult part is seeing a beloved child in pain or struggling and feeling helpless to do a thing about... Continue Reading →

Use the force…

Today's featured fortune may be lost, but not soon forgotten. A long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, this pocket prophecy disappeared along with the wallet that housed it. Luckily it's owner had previously snapped¬†a picture to remember their prized message. This fortune¬†was originally saved due to its surprising reference to... Continue Reading →

Can I get that in writing?..

Have you ever held onto an item without completely understanding why? Personally speaking, my closet is full of examples: an outfit kept as a reminder of healthier times, a trinket kept for a potential art project, or even a bag full of "I might need these someday" items that without each-other have no other place... Continue Reading →

The one that started it all…

  Yesterday, while getting coffee with a coworker, I stepped into the elevator lobby and noticed a little piece of paper on the ground. It was yellowed from age and discolored around the edges from being touched many times. As I picked it up, it occurred to me this was someone's prized fortune. Wanting to... Continue Reading →

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